• Yuyue Kintsugi

The Most Expensive Men's Watch on Lazada!

Why. Well because it's fun to poke around online, isn't it?

I mean here we are sitting at the biggest and vastest Window Shopping view imaginable!

Add to that the idea of putting power and thought into the bright future. This led me to ask myself a question: What is the most expensive Men's watch on Lazada right now?

But that's not the only criteria I set. I also adjusted my parameters to include Only in West Malaysia and Only from stores that have the BEST possible ratings. So for example a shop with great ratings but shipping from Overseas (ex. China) is excluded. Or a shop that is located in W.M. but has anything less than exception ratings (store ratings, shipping on time and customer response rates) was excluded. AND SO......there's a drum roll now happening in your mind....

Here it is! Oof. The price is one thing that might could deserve an under-the-breath-scoff just at the offset but the real 'oof' is the actual style of the watch itself. No doubt intriguing in some ways and of course someones style will fit this aesthetic, but I mean....a Skull?

Don't get me wrong I fully understand certain imagery and particularly with certain cultures or sub-cultures...at the same time it seems TAD ominous to every time you check the time you're looking at the visage of a skull...the imagery that denotes the end of time. Maybe that's somehow inspiring, like lighting a little fire under the backside. A stark reminder, perhaps? Actually the more I look at it, the more I can see the appeal to some folks...I don't know.

What I do know is that it's always fun to have a little look-see and particularly when drafting or editing something like a Vision Board, or a collection of images of specific items or feelings that you hope to bring into your life. This is fun though and again only searching locally and only from Lazada Shops that have nearly perfect ratings is something I will continue to do....for....posterity? Yes, for posterity, that sounds good. If you want this watch it would make a great gift for your special someone...they'd have to be pretty darn special...in more ways than one, and likely only YOU would know who. Just have a click and go for it. The store is nothing but professional and they have some special offers AS WELL as other more austere luxury watches as well! That's it for now, thank you so much for hanging out with me during my daily things. I'll have some reviews coming soon of products I DO buy and as always I keep things as honest as possible. No fluff just my experiences, straight up. #luxury #watches #lazada #malaysia #onlineshopping #windowshopping #gifts #specialsomeone


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