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I drank science ooze. And THIS is what happened to my brain.

Admittedly the title may be a slightly odd wording but essentially I did drink 'science ooze' and it did have an effect on my brain. Now before we all bust out the tinfoil hats let me explain. Actually I should start from the beginning. A few weeks ago when I was introduced to Atomy I had heard about some kind of high grade substance that was created under circumstances that sounded something almost like Science Fiction.

The goo in question had been purportedly developed in Korea to maintain health for Scientists and others who'd been working around Radio-Active Atomic Nuclear equipment

or facilities. Um. Okay.

Then things got even weirder when I saw this. Though, I laughed pretty hard so that broke up the strange vibe pretty good.

The funny thing is that as you can see in the video, Atomy says they won't accept if people should exaggerate claims made about their products. Though this cheeky ad seems to slyly undercut that premise by the enticing nature of that exclamation itself.

So back to the Scientists and their Atoms. A group of researchers over at FBTKAERI or Food & Biotechnology Team of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (cumbersome title either way you slice it) went on a mission to develop a functional Biodefence Food item to help people 'dealing with radiation'.

Their mythical quest brought them to source three plants with unique properties. Those being Angelica Gigas (aka Purple Parsnip), Ligusticum sinense (no aka) and Paeonia Lactiflora (aka Chinese Peony). All three of these plants have been used in Traditional

Chinese and Korean Medicine for some time.

These presumably white clad, glove donning Science-Folk (maybe glasses-wearing, beaker-holders too) developed ways to extract particular compounds from these plants and combine them to create this substance named HemoHIM. According to Atomy methods used to create the edible gel include 'biological engineering' and 'radiation technology'. Sounds a bit like fighting fire with fire, no? Radiation technology helped create the health slime that helps combat radiation exposure. On that note; I don't quite understand what's meant exactly when they say 'dealing with radiation'. It seems that they may be alluding to low levels of exposure but exposure nonetheless? So after hearing about this doing a bit of research and reading Atomy's literature I can confidently say that the product HemoHIM is safe to consume.

It meets all requirements for food safety needed. It's safe, somehow some way it is.

Beyond its safety however I am uncertain about several aspects of the product itself, its development and its uses. Atomy is very careful in some ways it seems, not to over claim all what HemoHIM can potentially do. At the same time as you've been reading the creation of the product is like

something out of a Sci-Fi movie. Speaking of, if you're wondering why I keep calling HemoHIM slime, goo and all that...it's because it's an edible item that has a rather unique viscosity and consistency not unlike pudding but not really like pudding even yet. Alas, I purchased myself a case of HemoHIM to try it out. The product comes as a full box case with boxes inside containing individual high quality pouches/sachets each are one serving of Radiation Anti-Radiation Sludge.

But all jokes aside I opened up my first sachet and squeezed a small amount directly on to my tongue and closed my mouth and just sat there for a moment. You know what. The taste is super interesting, and actually quite delicious. If you're Asian you'll likely be familiar with this flavour.

It's slightly sweet, slightly 'acidic' or bitter and earthy. After all there's only three ingredients and they're roots of plants among other parts. Tastes a bit like prunes (in a good way). Even as I type this I'm thinking I should go get one and tear into it. It's good. So I slowly ingested the sachet and felt pleasantly surprised. The consistency is delightful really. I was just being silly because the whole story begs for embellishment, it's just a tad whacky and I'm in the mood to take a laugh. I took it each day over the course of a week and you know what happened to my brain? My 'brain fog' cleared up. I can't claim it was directly due to the HemoHIM but what I can definitely say is that ingesting it did not worsen my 'brain fog'. I felt good, energetic, clear minded and focused. But again is that thanks to Science-McScienster over at the Korean Atomic Center? There's no real way to prove that's the case. But here's the deal, for me it didn't stop me from feeling better than I did before I took it. If that makes sense in text form lol. It seems as though it vastly improved my overall wellbeing and in particular it seems as though it cleared up my 'brain fog' which I've had fairly constantly for a long while. For me that was a huge benefit and a gift. Like a burden lifted. Felt like myself again, I think we all know how that feels sometimes.

Now I will say that a lot of people are making all sorts of claims about this product specifically and I'm of the belief that if something you do or take heals you, improves your quality of life or even has the appearance of doing so that CAN be a great thing. However that can also be a very dangerous thing. If we have some serious issues going on and they're not being treated just being 'handled' that can result in a calamitous scenario. So we all need to do our due diligence not only for ourselves but for all of our loved ones.

Is HemoHIM the Magical Gloop Atomy says they don't want you to say, just imply? Maybe. It may actually be. I've got no idea but I wouldn't be surprised if after more time it comes out that HemoHIM is a bit of a medical revolutionary item. For now, for me I use it and I really enjoy its effects and benefits for me personally. Now comes to my rating. How to rate this one eh? One theme you may notice throughout all my reviews is the concept of less waste/biodegradable/recycle-reuse etc. This item comes individually packaged and that's quite a lot of material being thrown away, or hopefully recycled I suppose. What I love: It's effective, for me. I love how it effectively cleared my 'brain fog' gave me energy and focus. I need that in my life very much and was quite happy when the experiences started to come to fruition. What I like: The taste. While I may have explained it in a weird way I like the taste very much and keep coming back daily for more

What I'd love to see: More info. I'd love to see more information directly from Atomy about the product and less cheeky 'do but don't' themed ads and literature. I'd love if should they divulge more about the creation and safety of the product in general. I give HemoHIM

8.5/10 Rated as(Very Good)

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