• Yuyue Kintsugi

Atomy Toothbrush...it's JUST another toothbrush, right?

A toothbrush is a toothbrush...is a...well just a toothbrush, isn't it? Not really, no!

Like anything that goes in or on our bodies we expect and even require that the self-care products we use are safe, effective and durable. After all self-maintenance is a not only a regularly reoccurring process but it's an intimate one. It's the part of life that can enhance our mood and brighten our experiences thereafter or it can be a nagging annoyance that we wish to avoid or improve.

So then, how can just a Toothbrush be more than just it's functionality? How can it be both a tool and a 'gift' simultaneously? Simple. The Toothbrush from Atomy was made with you in mind from concept to creation. The thought behind it carries over to the experience of using it and the pleasant sensation of having used it afterwards.

The handle is comfortable in the hand and made from nature-friendly material. Made from durable PCTG which is free from BPA and guaranteed food-safe by the FDA. (whew! that's a lot of CAPITAL letters lol) I've 'heard tell' that the material the handle is made from (PCTG) can be heated in boiling water and moulded to make things like cute bracelets, bag hooks etc. When it cools it's supposed to dry in the shape you carefully made in to. Neat way to reuse the Toothbrush after it's run it's course. Though I have not tried this nor have I confirmed the safety or plausibility of this BUT stick around my Blog so after I've researched it we can have some fun together possibly! The Toothbrush looks nice in my opinion. When I see the design of it as the Toothbrush sits in my bathroom patiently awaiting for me to scoop it up and scrub, it just makes me FEEL good. It's pretty.

The bristles are firm yet soft. They taper down to a size so small it fits between the teeth ensuring a deep and effective clean. They also have gold in them. Yes. The bristles have real actual 99.9% gold powder incorporated into them. The bristles also have an antibacterial membrane so the Toothbrush stays clean even when not in use.

If you ask me that's a Win-Win because of course I want the thing I put in my mouth multiple times per day to be clean and at the same time the knowledge that I'm literally putting gold into my mouth makes me feel special....lol but don't laugh too much! Feeling good, special and powerful is the essence of Beauty! A welcomed addition in my mind. In case you're still stuck on the whole gold thing. Gold particles have been proven to act as a further safeguard from germs to help allow items stay clean and virtually free from harmful bacteria. Also we can speak on the cost of the Toothbrush here as I'm sure you're wondering (I know I was when I heard about it's features). The price per Toothbrush works out to be somewhere around $1. Yes: ONE USD. Just about a buck. That's a truly remarkable price considering how effective the Toothbrush is and the attention paid to every detail. But the even more remarkable thing to me is that kind of price-to-value ratio exists all over Atomy as a whole. That is to say what you get for your money seems like it's worth a lot more for what you get from your experience.

So brass tax time (rather gold hehe) is the Toothbrush from Atomy the best Toothbrush I've ever used? Actually, yes. I know. I was a bit surprised too. I had no idea that all of these bits of information and ideas would come together in something like a Toothbrush and blow every single other Toothbrush I've ever used out of the water...but it did.

What I love: The bristles. They're just ideal in every way I can think of. Firm enough to feel the clean yet soft enough to feel comfortable. Thin enough to clean deeply. Technology to keep the bristles clean even when not in use. What I like: The handle. It's comfortable and pretty. Seeing it is like a welcome reminder to take a minute and scrub those pearly whites, with joy. What I'd love to see: Biodegradable. While I appreciate the focus on safety and cleanliness I'd still love to see an Atomy Toothbrush made from entirely(or at least mostly) biodegradable materials. Atomy Toothbrush Rating 9/10 (Rated as:) Excellent Where to Buy

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