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Thanks so much Abu Habeeb for letting us chat about your new single and how you make music in general!
So let's just jump right in, if that's okay.  We're really interested in your lyrics on your new single "Low Cost Rent".  Can you tell us a little bit about the meaning behind the song and how you came up with the lyrics?


                                                                                                           Thanks very very much!  Actually the all

                                                    of my upcoming singles are written from

                                                    different perspectives.  In the case of 

                                                     "Low Cost Rent" I actually wrote it from

                                                     the perspective of 'satan'.  I really just felt

                                                     that this proud to be bad kind of character

                                                     had something to say, you know.


                                                      Very cool!  And so you'll share with us the lyrics here on the 

                                                                                            site which we appreciate.  We understand you're pressed for time right

                                                                                            now so let's catch up again real soon!

I stay lost man
straight ghostin
low cost rent
crumb off bread of loaf man
dust to my homeland
low tech
to the hostess
biggest baddest mostest
oh soul flex
test till its broken
makin no sense
bled marrow boneless
stiff hopeless
straight narrow most less
puff till I hold it
all day
I stay lost man

I was born with head of horns
fangs hanging
triangle shadows sat all up on my tongue
stage the gallows
sweep the rutters up
ready for love
I set my sights on those goals
that post ain’t moved an inch
and ain’t aged much
I asked around
I did a little bit of research
the folks they spoke
what hurts the most
is being a being
who hosts a ghost
seems they appeal
they’re rotten deal
bespoke to death
ash to ash
from smoke came that
from smoke a fire
a boiling birth

Piano Restoration
Giant Octopus

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